With dozens of in-house dispatchers at your disposal, Hickory’s talented team utilizes our nationwide network of carriers to find the quickest cost-effective lane to move your product from Point A to Point B.

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At Hickory, we know our company is only as strong as our drivers. Therefore, we take great pride in treating them the way they should be treated. We offer competitive wage packages, benefits, weekly settlements and more.

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If you’re tired of dealing with questionable brokers, then it’s time you took a look at Hickory. With strong financial backing, we can keep you loaded and on time with high-demand freight and regional multi-stop destinations.

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  • Unlike a typical 3PL, Hickory Transportation got their start in the logistics industry by transporting our own goods for parent company, Hickory Foods.

    As a manufacturer that has evolved into a full-service logistics provider, we know what’s important to you and your customer: open lines of communication and delivering your goods on time in the manner you expect.

  • Economic growth in emerging markets is creating a significant opportunity for businesses across the globe.

    Hickory Transportation’s role as a single source logistics provider adds value as a single source supply chain management team so customers across borders can be reached just as easily as customers next door.

  • Hickory’s intermodal program is built around providing cost-effective reliable transportation and offering our customers a “greener” transportation solution.

    Through our relationships with major intermodal asset providers, we can bring our customers a flexible, reliable, cost-efficient transportation solution.

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You don’t spend over 100 combined years in one of the largest industries without learning a few tips.

Stay up to date with the latest transportation and logistics news to help your business get better every day.

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